Carrie Dayton

Love and romance is my life, I’ve spent 24 years pursuing it. They say I see the world through rose colored glasses. When I am not helping make dreams come true, I can be found in my car transporting my boys to hockey, swim, school and play dates.

Favorite quote: “Life is short, make the celebrations count.” 

Resume: 24 years in hotel, restaurant and catering industries. Certified Meeting Professional, founding member and past chapter President of the Greater Omaha Chapter of National Catering and Events.


Gilbert Ortiz

Cigars, logistics and salsa. That’s my life. When I am not running logistics or consulting with industry operations teams for Carrie Dayton Events, I can be found tearing up the rug on Salsa night or on my jet ski at the lake.

Favorite quote:  “Another day in paradise, at least sometimes.”

Resume:  27 years in banquet & event operations management


Jackie BW.JPG

Jackie Hunter

Ready?! Okay! I bring the sunshine, pep and laughter to the team. Carrie gives me a hard time because I have a cheer background, but it gave me the foundation to work a 16 hour day with optimism and happiness. When not working an event, I can be found with my two truly gorgeous children (it’s a fact) running to dance lessons with country music on in the car.

Favorite quote:  “Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, and laugh a lot.”

Resume: 7 years in hotel and 15 years in restaurant industry