My opinion: 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, 8 years later

I normally work hard to keep my nose out of politics, religion and other controversial stuff.  I find I can’t really change people’s opinion, nor do I want to.  Everyone has a right to believe and do what they want and I respect that.  Eight years ago, a little book called “Fifty Shades of Grey” came onto the market.  I didn’t know anything about the book until a segment on the Today Show featured a woman’s rights activist. She shared how she thought the book degraded women, was horribly written and an overall insult to women; setting them back 30 years.  “Women should not support this book.” She said.

At the time, the book launched a huge back lash of controversy.  Since I knew nothing about the book, other than it was degrading to women, I thought…I’ll take a read and see what is up.  I remember being shocked and disturbed by the first few chapters. I truly had no idea what the book consisted of but just kept reading.  But, I kept going and soon, I started to see a love story evolve.  A tarnished broken man finds a young hopeful woman who redeems him.  This is a story that repeats itself time and time again.

My belief in true love and that love conquers all, propelled me to read the second book “Fifty Shades Darker.” All of the taboo surrounding the first book fades away and the story evolves into how the unconditional love of one person completes another.  He realizes he doesn’t have to be any particular “way” he can just be himself and she will love him. She is his guiding light, savior and shows him that true, unconditional love does exist.   And, he shows her another world she didn’t know about in a safe environment.  Together they lead each other through life. As the chapters go on, he respects her as his equal, as a woman and as a partner.  These are the elements that make a beautiful love story and reflect what I believe everyone wants from a marriage. 

By the third book “Fifty Shades Freed” they are having a baby, getting married and buying a house together. So very “normal” and almost boring compared to the controversy the first book of the trilogy received.  Ultimately in the end the best of love conquers all.  Which, I believe, is the type of love many of us aspire to. 

I was so moved by this love story, I felt moved to contact some creative partners and do a styled-shoot on what their wedding day would look like.  It was a lot of fun as we channeled our inner Christian and Anastasia.  Passionate bold colors, soft delicate fabric, clean modern lines almost cold compared to the love in the florals.  It was a blast and I hope you enjoy.  

Event Design:  Carrie Dayton Events; Floral Design:  Events Etcetera; Wedding Cake: The Chocolates Bar; Photography: Twisted Lens Photography; Rentals: AAA Rents & Events Services; Flatware: Hilton Omaha; Paper: Miranda Writes; Chair Covers: Wildflower Linen