Carrie has over 24 years of experience in the various sections of the hospitality industry. This includes Reservation Call Centers, Front Desk, Banquets, Catering, Sales, Housekeeping, Restaurants, Off-premise Catering, Venue Management and Event Planning.

Over the years, she has noticed the constant conflict between “Operations and Sales.” In an industry that should be producing magic, this conflict can, often times, prohibit magic; customer satisfaction and profit. We are in an industry that not only requires collaboration but demands it. Without the “buy-in” from both groups, our business will not grow, and we will not profit or succeed. How we treat each other within the walls of our organization will affect what we give our clients.

With the constant turnover that plagues our industry, we offer bi-annual sessions to refresh existing associates and educate new associates. 

We offer various training sessions to help get your organization on the right track.


  • Sales, social and etiquette skills
  • Professional business communication and etiquette
  • Collaboration between departments
  • Sales team training

Front Line Training

  • Front line guest satisfaction trainings designed to improve guest satisfaction scores
  • Finding ways to create magic for the guests
  • Posturing and presentation skills for success
  • Thinking outside of the box to find solutions for the guest and hotel