Strictly for fun, and not for profit, we sometimes plan an Omaha Food Rave. This was a concept born out of a desire to put foodies in touch with each other and celebrate the art of food. I thought, wouldn’t it be really cool to take a talented chef from a restaurant/catering business and allow them to “go rouge” and give them a blank canvas to create any type of meal their creative minds desired? When I worked in the restaurant industry, I had my best meals of my life, off the line at 8:00 in the morning when the resident chef was trialing out some new menu items. During this magic hour, the chefs would produce food that was unreal. I wanted to bring this to a small group of people. Complete strangers who could gather around a table; break bread and gather over a common love of food. 

But, here’s the deal. When you purchase your ticket, all you know is the date and time. You are signing up for a night of adventure, great food and drink and good friends. Neither the guest chef nor the menu will be revealed until you are having dinner. The morning of the event you will receive a text message or an email that will provide instructions on where to go. 

Omaha Living did a lovely segment on our Food Rave. Click HERE to see the article and images.

We plan these when we have time or the spirit moves us. You can watch this space for ticket and date information. Tickets start at $100/each

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