We meet with your team and unearth the goals, desires and needs of the event. We focus on delivering the goals, assist in budgeting, and offer suggestions and thoughts on how to ensure the goals and needs will be met.  We do this by using our knowledge of industry standards and logistics management.  The collaboration does not stop with our initial meeting. We understand things change and we are here to help you.  We believe we should be judged by our flexibility during the process.

  • Assistance with outlining the goals and needs of the event
  • Budget development and/or analysis
  • Provide activities and set up options based on the goals and budget
  • Work (through various meetings) as needed to ensure the organization is staying on track with your mission
  • Anticipate changes
  • Site selection
  • Entertainment/Speaker options


Based on our collaboration meetings, we obtain a good understanding on how we can design your event to fit perfectly with your goals and vision.  We offer a design board consultation and make necessary adjustments.

  • Design board for all facets of the event
  • Graphic design of marketing materials, website, paper, presentation slides, logos, etc.
  • We will source, negotiate and manage your design vision


When the budgets and design vision have been established, away we go! This is an all-inclusive phase. We are focused on what you want and what we need to do to get you there. There hasn’t been much, if anything, we’ve said “no” to. 

  • Site recommendations and selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Hotel room block and rooming list management
  • Registration sales management
  • Registration management
  • Registrant communication
  • General session and breakout design
  • Management of abstract systems
  • Notification and communication to speakers
  • Management of speaker acceptances, declines and alternates
  • Collection management of abstracts
  • Trade show design
  • Vendor registration
  • Vendor communication and management
  • Shipping logistics
  • Load in/Load out
  • Payment distribution to vendors
  • Organize volunteers and/or staffing your event
  • Organize team building events, after meeting events, philanthropy sessions
  • Post-event analysis with your organization


It’s here! All the hard work pays off. This is where our years of experience shine and separate us from the rest of the planners in the country.

  • On-site event management
  • Pre-convention meetings with all partners
  • Troubleshoot potential challenges or problems before they happen
  • Manage registration desks
  • Speaker and vendor resource
  • Overall supervision of set-up, tear down, audio visual, and meeting room needs
  • Assembly and distribution of registration/welcome bags
  • Creation and distribution of name tags
  • Facilitation of meeting “apps” before and during the event
  • Coordination of volunteer efforts


Collaboration comes full circle with this step. It’s important to know what went well and what can be improved. At the end of our events we sit down and discuss what you liked, what could be better and brainstorm some amazing ideas for your next event. Regardless of if we work with you again, we want to set you up for success in the future. 

  • Post-conference meeting with you to obtain your thoughts
  • Meetings with vendors to obtain their feedback and ideas for future meetings
  • Final report that details out historical data from registration and hotel room blocks. Ideas and suggestions for the future.