Sweet, adorable and kind are the three words I think of when I think of Sammy + Chase. They adored each other and worked so well as a team. They balanced each other out perfectly. Chase has a calming peace about him and Sammy is a ray of sunshine. Together they are a dynamic duo.Their wedding took place at a refurbished dairy barn and it felt like a true Midwest wedding. Sammy made my day when she called me and said “Carrie, I want mini ponies at my wedding.” My love for animals would now be able to filter into a wedding??!! No way! I was so excited. It was the perfect location for the miniature ponies to roam around with their floral crowns during cocktail reception. It was a hit. We worked with Creating Atmosphere to design a modern, elegant, Southern-style reception. Gorgeous, soft white blooms with fresh, crisp greens adorned long farm style tables. Every guest had a handwritten place card at their seat so they felt welcome. A custom dessert display was created to showcase a myriad of desserts for the guests.As a surprise to Chase, Sammy commissioned Karlyn Jurgensen to rewrite Randy Travis’ song “When You Say Nothing at All” for their first dance.I will never forget the moment when she started singing for their first dance and Chase understood this was for him. Talk about romantic. It was almost overwhelming. Best part? Dinner was a build-your-own hamburger station complete with branded monogrammed buns, macaroni and cheese and sweet potato and regular fries. People loved the casual comfort food and Sammy & Chase were looking forward to branding many more hamburger buns in the future

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“I don't even know how to put into words how amazing Carrie is and how grateful I am to her. I have never met anyone who loves what they do more than Carrie. To say she is on top of everything, goes above and beyond, and truly is the best at what she does would be an understatement. She not only takes care of everything for you and would do anything you ask, she isa wonderful person who actually cares about her clients.

Every time I needed Carrie during this whole wedding planning process, she was there. She responded to texts within seconds. Carrie made my wedding so perfect. The entire process would have been so stressful and chaotic without her. I am forever grateful for her”

– Sammie and Chase

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