I summarize Erin & Aru as “sophisticated, worldly boy meets a true Nebraska girl.” Aru, has an air of quiet, refined confidence. And, Erin is a good, honest, hardworking Midwest girl with a solid head on her shoulders and a realistic attitude toward life.  Together they make the most dynamic couple, I’ve worked with. They both bonded over a love for all things “nerdy” (their words, not mine.)   These two truly always put each other first, they worked flawlessly as a team and balanced each other out so well. There was a peace about this couple that filled my heart. My favorite times with them was during our planning meetings. They were always so calm and full of laughter and peace.

They had two wedding days, one in India with Aru’s family and one in Nebraska with their local friends and family. It was fun incorporating bits of Indian tradition into their American ceremony.  The American ceremony was set in a round and was the perfect way to allow every guest a great view. I remember walking around the outer edge of the circle and noticing how every seat had either a view of Erin or Aru.  It was perfect and felt very intimate. 

After a touching, heartfelt, personalized ceremony, guests dined on delicious American and Indian Cuisine in the Durham Museum, which used to be the train station for Omaha.  Dessert consisted of the couple’s favorite treat: Ice Cream. Their favorite dates always involved a trip to a locally owned ice cream shop.  It was wonderful to see the guests truly enjoy this sweet treat that was served up at the museum’s soda fountain.   

What a vibrant, festive day full of love and happiness.  I am so thankful we were able to be a part of the event.

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“My husband and I had a fantastic experience with Carrie and Jackie. They took care of everything and made our vision come to life.”

— Erin

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