You know the pressure is on when an event planner in the industry asks YOU to plan their wedding. Holy cow, I was beyond honored when Kelsie and BJ approached me and asked me to help them on their very special day. After talking with Kelsie and BJ, I felt in my heart they wanted a country club wedding and I felt Happy Hollow Club was the right place.  I have to say Kelsie was super apprehensive and thought I had lost my mind. I asked them to humor me and walk thru the space. My convictions were rewarded when I saw her face as she drove down the tree lined drive to the club. From that point on, we never looked back. Kelsie and BJ were a perfect couple, they complimented each other so well and were always fun in meetings. I learned about Calimochos for this wedding, a drink I still enjoy. Whenever I have one I think of them. 


"We really enjoyed working with Carrie. She worked hard to help us identify our priorities for our budget, as well as, keep us on track and organized. She had an upbeat attitude and we still consider her a friend today!"

– Kelsie + BJ