Stolen glances, sweet looks, blushing smiles. These two melted my heart. They were so gentle with each other. Sweet, adorable love. They worked so well together as a team, asking each other opinions and taking time to make the right choice. This was the third wedding I had planned for Meghan’s family. I knew we would have fun. This family dances like no other. They even dance so hard, occasionally someone gets injured. One thing that was consistent from bride to bride was the showcase of wedding photos from parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It is why I designed a wall concept featuring the photos of these historic photos. I wanted the family members to see the photos in a way they hadn’t seen them before. So, we enlisted Creating Atmosphere to bring our creation to life. We combined the guest seating chart with the historical photos. It was so much fun to watch the guests walk into the space and “ooohh and ahhh” over the images. It was a wonderfully sweet day with lots and lots of dancing….no one got injured this time. J

Megan & Matt Giving away.jpg
Meghan Bride Smiles.jpg

I told Carrie after the wedding I wish we would have hired her much sooner in the process because she was just wonderful! Carrie and her team had such a positive attitudes and truly love what they do. She had creative ideas leading up to the wedding that fit our style perfectly. The vendors she recommended all were great. She looked out for our best interest throughout the process. She was incredibly responsive to our needs and requests. We just got to enjoy the day, worry-free. We were so happy with her work and how the day turned out. Carrie and her team are some of the hardest working women that we have met! It was the best investment we made for our wedding.                                              

— Meghan & Muffadal