An Omaha professional non-profit organization hosted South African author,  Kivi Bernhard who wrote the book “Leopardology--The Hunt for Profit in a Tough Global Economy”.  

It was essential to the organization that Omaha be featured in the best possible light for this author.  And, given the Leopard reference in the book, hosting the event at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium was the natural fit.  To honor the South African culture of the author/speaker, the colors and décor for the event were inspired by the sunsets and oceans found on the shorelines of South Africa.    

Guests started with cocktails and appetizers in the Zoo’s Wild Kingdom Pavilion and moved into the auditorium for a presentation in which Kivi shared his motivations behind writing the book and the over all concepts.  

Following a question and answer session, dinner was held in the 70’ shark tunnel, at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium. Lavish desserts were stationed in front of the Penguins in the aquarium to encourage guests to move around and network.  At the end of the night every guest received an autographed copy of Kivi’s book.