A Night for Dancing and Love

Blending of families and cultures can be seamless and a lot of fun.  Meghan and Muff successfully blended two cultures and made the day so meaningful.  They truly looked at who they were as a couple and chose to make the day about what mattered to them most, family.  

We had a lot of fun putting their wedding day together. From margaritas (their favorite drink) to music, the entire event was personalized. This was the third wedding I planned for Meghan’s family.  At every wedding, the bride/groom from her family collected images from the previous generation’s wedding. Some dating back to great, great grandparent status.  It was so wonderful to see a reminder of the successful couples that led to this very moment.  Meghan and Muff chose to display these photos on a wall together with the guest seating chart.  It was such a warm way to welcome their guests. 

My most fond memories of this wedding were on the dance floor.  They played a fun mix of both American and Indian songs.  It didn’t matter what culture the guest came from; the dance floor was full. I will never forget hearing one of my favorite songs “Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran come over the speakers. It is a more traditional Irish pop song.  I’ve never heard it at a reception and my first thought was, “Oh, will this work? I mean I love this song, like LOVE it but will people dance to it?” And, sure enough the floor was packed and most everyone was trying to do an Irish jig.  Now, every time I hear that song (and I do frequently as it’s on one of my playlists) I see the full dance floor of two different cultures dancing an Irish jig.   

When you’re planning your wedding, make it about you and your families, your guests will appreciate it and remember your day for years to come.

Photography: C.B. Yates Photography

Floral Design: Creative Fleur

Décor: Creating Atmosphere

Paper Suite: Dana Osborne Designs