Marleen and Mike met on a tour of the Czech Republic. One year from the day of their first kiss, they were married. They showed me that love exists, no matter what the age. The ceremony was very special as it incorporated their children and grandchildren. Mike’s daughter presided over the ceremony. As the Czech Republic held so many memories for them, we incorporated many Czech inspired items into their wedding day, such as polka dancing, kolaches and shots of Slivovice. As guests arrived at the reception, they were greeted with Mike’s favorite champagne upon arrival: Moet et Chandon. These two were smitten with each other and words really can’t express how thankful I was that they allowed me into their family to help plan their special day. And they still continue to invite me to family festivities. I believe I not only gained a client but a family as well. 


As the groom, Carrie Dayton enabled me to give my bride the wedding she (and I) wanted. And for that I shall be forever appreciative and grateful for her valuable consultation and help. For the Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska area she has a network of top notch providers established. For our wedding, involving, rehearsal, prenuptial dinner, ceremony, reception, and brunch the day following, that network of providers proved to be valuable. While her connection with top resources was of high value, Carrie Dayton's value lies in who she is, her keen sense of who her clients are, and, quite simply, Carrie's level of tastefulness. She manages to size up her clients and uses her good judgement to the client's benefit. How does she know when to do what, what colors to choose, when something whimsical will work, and on infinitum. I particularly appreciated her consul on a personal level. Without exception, everything, yes everything, was perfect and went as planned. For a wedding with 150 attendees whenever everything goes that well someone's done a lot of work. In our case that would be Carrie and her team. We were both fortunate to have engaged Carrie Dayton for our wedding. She delivered a five star experience for us and we all had some fun in the process.

— Michael & Marleen