The Big Week, How I Celebrated

Valentine’s Day is this week.  And, given my previous blog post, you know I love, Love.  This week is to Wedding Planners what Easter Weekend is to Pastors.  This is our time, it’s the big show, it’s about what keeps up employed and doing our jobs…LOVE! 

Personally, I’ve never had a better Valentine’s week.  Sadly, I will be away from my family. But I will be doing what I LOVE, which is helping couples and organizations create amazing moments and life celebrations.  We have a wedding to produce this weekend and I can’t wait!  While I miss my family, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Before I left for Omaha my husband of 18 years and kids surprised me with a few, sweet little gifts.  First, three, toe-curling, heart pounding bags of Heart coffee.  Anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is Heart Coffee which is roasted locally in Portland.  You’d think I would have time to get there on a frequent basis, but with only two small shops it is a special trip.  So, getting three bags of Heart coffee is like pure gold to me.  

I think they could have stopped with gifts after providing me with my favorite legal stimulant.  But, no, they also got me a wonderful box of chocolates from Christopher Elbow.  Hands down, my most favorite chocolatier in all of America.  I’ve followed CE Chocolates since roughly 2008, I’ve watched them start as a small chocolate company and have seen them grow into a large producing business.  And, the quality has remained the same. 

Did they stop at coffee and chocolate?!  Noooo!  They also got me two beautiful heart charms for my Pandora bracelet which is full of (surprise) hearts, a bride and groom, and a pineapple.  All symbols that represent my passion. 

We finished the weekend off with my oldest son’s hockey game. While the Robosharks lost, I was so honored to watch him play his last game of the season.  He has grown a lot as a player and I’d like to think I’ve grown as a hockey mom.  My cheering is a little louder and I can now wake up at 4:00am to take him to a game; sit in a sub-zero arena for 40 minutes and manage to enjoy drinking ice-cold coffee on Sunday mornings.  Wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Remember, it’s not too late to celebrate the love you have in your life this week.  Take a minute and list the people you are thankful for and take five minutes to do something nice and acknowledge them for all they do.  You don’t have to do chocolates, coffee and jewelry to show them you care.  A simple text or a snow-blown heart in the driveway is more than enough.  Truth be told, I got my husband a box of $2 drug-store, Queen Anne Cordial Cherries.  He loves these but never gets them for himself.  And, I may have also drafted a few, well-placed love notes around the house for him to find.  Keep it simple, but just do it. 

Love is everything!