Valentine's Day Hearts

I decided I must challenge myself this week.  I desperately want to write a blog post helping people come up with adorably cute, romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day.   When I asked around, nobody had any ideas.  In fact, there was an “almost” universal eye roll and dissent regarding Valentine’s Day.  I had multiple people tell me that it was a manufactured holiday courtesy of the candy and floral industries.  This seems a bit harsh.  Maybe I only know jaded, non-romantic people and/or the majority of the world feels this way.  Well, guess what?!  I don’t. 

In fact, National Geographic Kid’s tells me Valentine’s Day was created to honor Saint Valentine.  According to National Geographic Kids “Celebrate Valentine’s Day,” one legend says he was a priest who was put to death on February 14th around the year 270.  Evidently, the Emperor of Rome, Cladius II, decided that men made better soldiers if they were not engaged or married.  But Saint Valentine went against the Emperor’s wishes.  In secret, the priest continued to perform the marriage ceremony for people in love.  

Given the world today, I must ask why not celebrate Valentine’s Day bigger and better than any year ever?  To quote the famous song by Jackie DeShannon, “What the world needs now, is love sweet love.”  I can’t really argue with that statement.  And, this year, I encourage all of us to celebrate it.  Who cares IF the day WAS created by the card and candy industry?!  Why would we fight the celebration of love in our lives?!  Love, not to be cliche, is not only what gets us out of bed in the morning, but what makes getting out of bed to start and end a day of work, much easier. We smile at random times during the day-which can be really awkward when someone catches you. Because of love, we: try to be a better person, are provided with hope, and our soul’s become settled.  It doesn’t need to be romantic love either- it can be the love of a parent, child, friend, fellow human, or heck - love for your dogs! You can never underestimate the love a human has for their dog by the way.. So, with that, my advice to you is simple; Just celebrate love.   

I challenge you to not look at Valentine’s Day like a “card and candy” holiday.  Find ways to celebrate the love you have in your life.  Be thankful and nurture that love by doing something selfless this Valentine’s Day.  It doesn’t even need to cost money, it can be something simple and impactful…but, to quote Nike, “Just Do It”. 

Here are my romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day: 

  • Fill their room with Post-It Notes of all the reason you love them 

  • Tuck up to five little notes of love in and around their items (coats, socks, car, purse) so they can find them throughout the day 

  • Leave a single blossom on the front door with a note 

  • Dig out all the same color of their favorite candy (e.g. red Skittles) and put them in a little jar 

  • Make coffee first thing in the morning and pour a cup for them  

  • Write a note in the fog on the bathroom mirror 

Here are my “no-romance necessary” ideas to celebrate love 

  • Take a friend to coffee 

  • Shovel a neighbor’s walk  

  • Hold a door open for someone 

  • Hand out Hershey’s Hugs chocolates to people in line at the grocery store 

  • Bring your neighbors home-made cookies 

  • Let your friend choose the music for the car ride 

  • Take donuts to work (who doesn’t love donuts?) 

Please, let’s rise above the mediocracy of our hum-drum lives and celebrate our love for each other.  Let me know how you celebrate.